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Storytelling with Design

Components, such as a logo, brand colors, typography, drawings, animations, user experience, and the app/website design plays a critical role in brand marketing as pictures, colors, and fonts elicit connections with your product. It is basically the first impression of any brand on the user. Now that we know that, let's answer an important question that definitely pops into everyone's minds. Why does storytelling work for brands and how does design help brands tell their story creatively?

No matter how they're delivered, great stories will always fascinate the human mind. As a result, companies utilize storytelling as a foundation for reaching out to their target consumers. In the UX game, the primary goal is to make the product easy to use while keeping the users hooked for as long as possible.

Stories resonate with humans far more than random words and phrases. They are easy to remember, help users create images in their mind, and thus, form a lasting impression. With a fast paced life, what attracts the users is anything that they don't have to put in effort to understand. Things that make sense to them easily are the ones they end up choosing.

Designers are digital storytellers that use design as a medium to create compelling storylines that inspire emotional buy-in and long-term loyalty from consumers. To increase total engagement and activity, the objective is to tap into users' emotions and have them weave their own emotional story from the stories being delivered.

We are wired to look for patterns in nature and this drives our curiosity. There is a beginning, a middle and an end to every narrative. This is something we all intuitively understand, and the formula for each narrative has remained the same for as long as we can remember. This is why brands should incorporate storytelling in the UI of their product as well. Every website has three pages, the landing page at the top (beginning), the main page that explains the product or service offered (middle) and a contact page at the bottom (end). As beings programmed to look for meaning in every situation, this is how products appeal to the user.

Next time you catch yourself weaving a story while randomly browsing through a website, remember who the player is!

What role do you think storytelling plays in the UI/UX design of a product?

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