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Consumer is Business!

Why is it important for any business enterprise to strategize in terms of consumer and not business? Through years of evolution in marketing, from the product concept to the consumer concept and even upto the social concept, we have seen how consumer needs, demands and ideologies are the ones that drive any business. It’s a cycle, businesses work for profit and profit comes from revenue that is ‘Majorly’ generated through customers. So, what is the main element here? That’s right, Sherlock! The Consumer.

Why do the most innovative products sometimes fail? In 1993, Apple introduced ‘The Newton’ , a personal digital assistant. For a company like Apple, with such a huge market share, a new product was sure to be a hit in the market, but 5 years after the launch, the product was discontinued. While this technology has now gained much importance, the consumers did not need or understand the product in the 90s. That’s where the problem lies, innovation in terms of business capacity and not in terms of consumer.

In the ultimate user experience, every customer seeks four things: speed, convenience, knowledge, and courteous service. They are also prepared to pay a higher price for all those items. The brand that speaks the customer's language always comes out on top. Salespeople who foresee their customers' requirements, collaborate closely with leaders, and come up with solutions to issues that have yet to be articulated can sell more. Companies with strong products but low market share are missing a critical component for serving their customers: a purposeful and well-designed customer strategy.

When consumers feel valued, they are more likely to stay with the brand and use their products more often. It takes no Ramanujan to understand that Consumer Engagement is directly proportional to Consumer Comfort. After all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and brand loyalty lies in user experience. That’s where UX Design comes into play. Users drive the brand and a convenient user experience and user interface act like the glue for consumers.

Have questions about how UI/UX design can help your business? Book a free 15 minutes consultation call with us and see how user experience can enhance your business operations.

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